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    1) The church directory PDF is not allowing pictures to be printed. Is there a way to turn it on?

    2) When a name is searched, it pulls up an incomplete address. It will list multiple phone numbers and perhaps a picture. Is there a way for when a name is to be searched it shows complete info for that person. For example, if searching by last name it pulls up all with that last name and includes their address, phone number, and such all together?

    Avatar for Andy MoyleAndy Moyle

    Intrinsic to the plugin is respecting people’s personal data privacy. If people have opted not to be shown at all, or to not show email, address, phone, cell or photos they won’t show!

    There are three PDF options you can add to the [[church_admin type="address-list"]] shortcode

    pdf=1 will show family photos
    pdf=2 is individuals and photos
    pdf=multi shows family photos and put the address over multiple lines.

    When you search, you get a box for each household that fits their privacy settings, so each box will only display what people in that household allow to be shown.

    Same with the app – although admins can check a box that shows it all to just them!
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    Avatar for MarlbrookBCMarlbrookBC

    Thank you! I have the PDF working now.

    I created all the directory entries and every thing is marked to be visible. It appears that the search results are not showing the entry as it appears in the address list. Is there a way to make it look identical? For instance, for an entry that shows a picture, name, address, and multiple phone numbers in the address list, when searched for, can it look the same?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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