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Cannot Log into App

About Support App Cannot Log into App

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    Avatar for rrfranksrrfranks

    I updated the app today & it required me to select my church & log in to my account again. However it would not accept my login credentials & allow me to log in. I also have people in the church texting me saying the app does not work. Do you have any suggestions? Thank you!

    Avatar for Andy MoyleAndy Moyle

    The latest app updates where meant to sort an issue some churches were having where their hosting company enforced a CORS policy that stopped it working.

    It does mean that most user would need to login to the app again.
    In your case the app is not working well because the home page is not set correctly. HEad to Church Admin>App>App settings and make sure the “Select which app page is Home ” is set to home. Yours is not I think and some weird behaviour is happening. Will fix the default ASAP

    Avatar for Andy MoyleAndy Moyle

    Just delved a little deeper for your site and the home page that is sent to the app is the html for the whole app front page, rather than just some home page content.

    Has someone edited the home page in app content and copy and pasted all of the HTML from https://www.churchadminplugin.com/app/app-markup/ ? That would kill it definitely.

    You just need what would go in the body not the …

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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