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    Avatar for Mark.DunstanMark.Dunstan

    Hello once more,
    Three things I have noticed about this:

    1. I love the fact that events in the church calendar can be downloaded directly to the user’s own calendar through the app. However, I use Google Calendar rather than my phone’s native calendar. Is there any way that users could be given the choice about where the event should be downloaded? (Would also be good to have an “add to my calendar” button on the website calendar…!)

    2. The first time I saw the items on the app calendar, I touched one of the events, thinking it might give me more information about it… (I was fooled by the plus sign). Obviously this simply downloaded it to my calendar. Could there be a “more information” link (if there is one in the event) to inform users and help them decide whether to download? (Or at the very least, make it more obvious on the app that clicking the event will download it??

    3. Where there are images in the calendar events, is there a reason why these cannot be shown in the app, too?

    Thanks again,

    Avatar for Andy MoyleAndy Moyle

    The next app update will have a download button, which downloads an iCal file for that event. That will give you some choice where to save it. Button also added to main website too!


    After the latest update, the calendar is now showing starting time to starting time of an event, and not the end time.

    Avatar for Mark.DunstanMark.Dunstan

    Thanks pastor@hookybaptist… I noticed this, too.

    Additionally, the ics download (whether from app and website) is not collecting all the information from the calendar event. When trying to upload to Google Calendar, the inserted event defaults to “All Day”, starting on the event date and ending on today’s date (i.e. the date of download – which is likely to be before the event date and therefore creates an error).

    Avatar for Mark.DunstanMark.Dunstan

    Hello again,
    I’ve just tried the download / upload for an event and am still getting the same issues:
    – events in the app show the start and end time as being the same, and
    – downloaded events (ical files) create all day events.
    It’d be lovely if this could be sorted.
    Thank you so much,

    Avatar for Mark.DunstanMark.Dunstan

    Hi Andy,
    This is still not working yet.

    By using Notepad, I’ve done some comparisons with iCal files downloaded from my Google Calendar and seen some syntax differences:

    You have used DTSTART;DATE=VALUE:xxx and DTEND;DATE=VALUE:xxx

    By changing these to the more straightforward DTSTART:xxx and DTEND:xxx I got it to work.

    I also noticed that SUMMARY (the event title) wasn’t being picked up. I saw that the line above this was the DESCRIPTION, which included a carriage return (which doesn’t exist in the field in the ChurchAdmin plugin). I took this carriage return out and it worked fine.

    Obviously I don’t want to be downloading iCal files, opening them in Notepad, editing them and then importing to Google Calendar! Is there a way of adjusting the way your iCal files are coded to avoid these errors and enable the events to be imported instantly?

    Hope so!

    Thank you,

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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