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    First of all – thank you for your efforts. The church app WP plugin is fantastic. We really appreciate what you’re doing for churches who use WP.

    At first, we wanted to use geofencing to enable certain types of notifications to users (sermon notes, song lyrics, etc., etc.) when people come on-site. We still would like to see some sort of iteration for that (especially for song lyrics), but we think that we can just push sermon notes on a schedule and that would be good enough (probably better). What we don’t know how to do, and the primary reason for this post, is to enable people to fill in sermon notes and save them for reference later. If there’s already a way to do this, I’m all ears… please do tell. Otherwise, our request would be to add some function that allows people to fill in the blanks or add arbitrary text under each sermon point and then either save it to the app. under their user info, or (preferrably) export to somewhere else (Evernote, email, PDF, as a “.txt” file, etc.).

    Any and all feedback is appreciated.

    Thanks and God bless!

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    Geofencing is complicated to do and would require permission from the user – so it’s not something I’m planning to add at the moment.
    I’m working on targeted push messaging using the filter though.

    Sermon notes – best way to do that is to use PDF forms that people can save. Then the design looks the same on any device. Then you can upload it to your site and the download link can be pushed out to everyone. is a free pdf creator with form fields that should be worth a try.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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