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    Hello. The meetings for our small groups are not held at the same location every week. 3 to 5 members of the group take turns hosting the meeting. We also sign up to bring the entree, salad, dessert or drinks. Finally, we transcribe the prayer requests of the group and then make those prayer requests available to all of the members of the group.

    It would be terrific if we could add additional fields for Groups where we could list the address for the coming week and allow the group members to put their name down next to the food to indicate what they will bring. It also would be terrific if there was a way to add a link to a PDF or other document so that the prayer request could be attached and downloaded each week.

    Some of this functionality may already be available. If so, can you please make some documentation available? Thank you.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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