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Activating Giving on the website and App

About Support Support Activating Giving on the website and App

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    How do I activate Giving on the website and the app?

    I have imput the Paypal address and saved it but it doesn’t seem to save and I see no changes.

    Avatar for Andy MoyleAndy Moyle

    That’s strange. I’ve just tested it again on a couple of sites and it works.
    Your app sub is fine, so the Paypal settings form should show and save.
    Just checked your site and you’re on the latest version of the plugin (love the Christmas background by the way!)
    Is “Setup PayPal details (Click to toggle)” red or blue? Red means nothing saved yet.

    Once you have it saved (perhaps give me an admin login temporarily to assist if needed support@churchadminplugin.com)
    You can use the shortcode [church_admin type="giving"] or the block.

    Unfortunately Apple don’t allow payment pages on apps (perhaps only the type of app we are, because shops have them!) – they want payments to go through them at 30% commission, so all you can is put a link to your giving page on that tab.


    Thanks Andy.

    The main giving page is working (temporarily to my PayPal), but how do I add the shortcode to the App Content page?

    [church_admin type="giving"]

    Avatar for Pastor AndresPastor Andres

    Hello Pastor,

    Andy has not, as yet, added the new Giving functionality to the app.

    The App Content pages are not WordPress driven pages and, therefore, cannot utilize short codes.

    Because of these two facts the only way I know of to present a WordPress page with a shortcode on it in the app is to add a button or text link with the following anchor link () to the built-in App Content Giving page (o). This will open the WordPress page with the giving shortcode in the “in-app browser” appearing to the client to be part of the app.

    <a onClick=”window.open(‘https://hookybaptist.org.uk/giving/&#8217;,’_blank’,
    Online Giving

    This is just an example. You will have to make sure the page URL (https://hookybaptist.org.uk/giving/) is correct and change the text “Online Giving” to be what you want it to be.
    Change the colours
    to be what you would like them to be.
    Also note that the entire text should be one contiguous line being careful not to introduce any spaces.

    This is not a perfect solution but, as I say, it is the only way I have found to accomplish putting short code content (that does not yet exist as a feature in the app) into the app.

    Andy, Please correct me as needed but I just thought I would try to help with this.


    Hi Andy,

    Is there anyway the Paypal details can be directed to the PayPal Merchant ID instead of the email address?

    Paypal recommends this method as a more secure method.

    Also, it wmay be beneficial to move Paypal setup under ‘Settings’ rather than ‘Events’ as it is now used for giving too (and I forgot where it was!).

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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