We have a block and shortcode to show sermon media on your website. You can upload sermon recordings or add urls to video files to create a sermons page.

[church_admin type=sermons ] shows all your sermon uploads

Ther are some optional parameters for the shortcode

how_many=9 – would show 9 sermons and then pagination to see more

start_date=2020-01-01 would only show sermons since 1st January 2020 – please use ISO YYYY-MM-DD format

rolling=12 override start_date and only shows the last 12months of sermons

pdf=1 shows pdf link for transcript

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10 marks of the Antioch Church

3rd March 2019

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In many ways the church in Antioch was more of a model church than the Acts 2 Jerusalem believers. Here are 10 ways that church excelled