Raise funds for your church with Amazon Associates

There are two ways you can earn money for your church with Amazon.

1) Amazon Smile

Amazon Smile is a program for charitable organisations where if one of your supporters uses a modifed link to Amazon with smile in front (e.g smile.amazon.com or smaile.amazon.co.uk) and then sign up to your church (of course after the church has signed up to the programme and then remember to use the smile link every time, your church gets 0.5% commission. That was a long sentence to represent thatit is a little complicated. You can have a nice banner on your site or app like the one below. That will help, but it requires people to remember to do something they don’t do normally! I’m a great believer in keeping it simple.

If you want to sign up then you can at https://org.amazon.co.uk/ or https://org.amazon.com/

2) Amazon Associates

A more profitable scheme is Amason Associate, which is an affiliate marketing scheme for Amazon, where you can create links to products and even link images. I find it useful when we recommend books to give the link. Their policy requires thatlinks only be placed on websites and not in emails or apps. I recently created a plugin to strip the affiliate tag out of Amazon associate links in your feed and any emails sent by your site. That plugin is available here.

Being an associate means you can link to books with a text link like this – How to Pray by Pete Greig* or an image link

Or even a text and image iframe

Those were to the Amazon UK store – unfortunately Amazon don’t automatically detect jurisdiction in their links, but for a Church, it would be mainly people in the same country clicking anyway – for my US readers Peter Greig’s book How to Pray is well worth buying at Amazon US*

Amazon Associates are required to declare they get commission with the following phrase “As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.”

Amazon also provide banner advertising for some of their products like Amazon Music

Or Kindle Unlimited

If you want to sign up or Amazon Associates the link is here for UK and USA

Once you have been approved, finding a link to a product is easy. Just search on Amazon and if you are logged in and Associates toolbar appears at the top which allows you to pick your link.

Amazon Associates toolbar