Live-streaming from a hired venue with no wifi

We have just re-started physical Sunday services from a new venue that has no Wi-Fi for us to live-stream. But even if it did our experience over the last few months is you need an internet connection with high upload speed as well as download speed. Anything but Superfast Fibre just isn’t fast enough in our area!

So we invested in a 4G router – the TP link TL-MR6400 and it is fantastic. It’s plenty fast enough for 1080p HD livestreaming to YouTube. Very easy to set up – the first week our long ethernet cable failed, but we found the WiFi connection to it is was perfect! The TP Link 4G router is £73.97 at*. That model is not available in the US but the Netgear model at $129.99 is available on* and at AUD$151.50 on*

Each one hour service uses about 1.5GB of data so we picked up a 30GB Smarty SIM at £10pm!