Live-streaming with a webcam and Youtube

In the midst of these unprecedented days, the Lord is unleashing creativity upon the church as we find creative ways to carry on meeting together to strengthen and encourage our flocks and be missional. Earlier in the week I posted an article “Help we have to livestream during the pandemic” – that article needed a little technical knowhow, a camcorder, usb lead and laptop.

If you are not technical or don’t have the gear – what can you do?

Facebook live is super simple to do

But only people logged into Facebook will be able to join you. It does have the advantage that live commenting is simple, simple simple. So you get that feel of being together. Log into Facebook on any device.

Go to Create a post as normal, click the three dots and then Facebook Live

You will be live instantly through your device camera or webcam.

YouTube with your laptop webcam

You’ll need to start 24 hours before your first live-stream. Please use the Google Chrome browser for simplicity

If you don’t have a YouTube account, head over to and click on Sign In top right  – this is super simple if you already have a Google account, if not you will need to register.

Once you have signed in you need to click on the create content button which looks like a video camera icon with a plus in it.

That’ll give you a dropdown with an option to “Go live” – something of a misnomer as it’s not instant at all!!!

Firstly you will have to wait 24 hours, while YouTube activates your account – see told you it wasn’t instant!

The next day, click on that camera with a plus in it and then Go Live

Your computer browser will ask for permission to use the camera (webcam) and microphone.

Once you have allowed that, you will get the setup screen for your stream!

For your first one, do it just before (If you schedule for later, it enables you to get set up, get the link and publicise it and click Go live when it’s on!)

Click next after filling in the details.

You should get a preview of what you are about to show…

Here my browser wasn’t set wide enough so I couldn’t see the all important Go live button.

Try again… That’s better. Befiore going live you need to publicise it. Click on Share, copy that link and post it on facebook etc.

If you click Embed, you can get the HTML code to put it on your website

Once you have shared the link or embedded it on a website etc, you can click Go Live

I deliberately didn’t light myself well to show you the importance of having light on you brighter than what is behind so people can see you! Seconds in I switch on a light!

When you are done, click End and confirm and it will finish.You will get the instant stats-this was a tutorial, so literally no-one knew about it

It is archived by YouTube unless you delete it, so you can watch a reading of todays Bible notes for The Gateway Church

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