How to embed Facebook videos on your WordPress website

You can then copy the URL from the browser address bar. If you paste it into the block editor, WordPress cannot currently work out it is an embed.

You will get this dialogue with the failure notice. Grrrr.

But all is not lost if you have the Church Admin plugin….

There is a Church Admin Video embed block which makes videos full width and with correct aspect ratio for landscape. Here’s a fun go of the excellent Nigerian song Nara, shot on an old cheap phone – so apologies for the poor quality – it was done before the Covid lockdowns upped our game!

Welcome if this is your first time on the website. The Church Admin plugin is a powerful FREE tool to organise and communicate church life that works with any WordPress powered church website. There’s a simple manual that can be downloaded if you join the email list. You can add to the power by subscribing your church to the Our Church app too, that will put podcast, calendar, rotas, address list and more in people’s hands!