Good Coffee

Life on earth is too short for bad coffee! We love to serve real ground coffee to all who want it after our Sunday gatherings. But how?

Making the Coffee

French Press / Cafetiere

The venue we use has boiling water on tap in the canteen so the first method we used was Cafetieres (French Press) The advantage is that coffee is made freshly as needed and a steel cafetiere is virtually unbreakable. The disadvantage was that even with 3 cafetieres, the team didn’t have time to rinse them out between each fill and so subsequent brews had grinds in them. Amazon UK* and Amazon US*

Commercial Filter Maker

Commercial filter machines are widely available and relatively fast. A jug can be kept warm on top while the 2nd one is brewing. Jugs are cheap to replace and standard across the different makes. The issue we had is that they are just not fast enough when you have a queue of people waiting.They are available on Amazon UK* and Amazon US*

Catering Percolator

This is my favoured option as the machine can be setup before the service starts and it is ready at the end and will deliver all the coffee we need on demand. Purists may be upset if it is kept warm too long. But it takes 50mins to brew and so is only kept warm for a short while!
They are available on Amazon Uk* and Amazon US* in various forms. We bought ours from Nisbets in the UK.

Coffee cups

In the US 58 Billion Coffee cups are thrown away every year – normal paper ones are not recyclable or compostable because they have a plastic coating. That’s awful! Thankfully compostable cups are becoming more widely available. Watch out – some of the early ones are only compostable by a special process, so check before purchase.
The wonderful Kingdom Coffee company in the Uk sell 8oz fully biodegradable coffee cups at £39.90 for 1000 – they fully break down when disposed of. I’ll not even give any Amazon links, because their prices are horrific!

By the way As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases in the links marked with an *.