Creating great graphics without being a designer

I often need to create powerpoint slides for talks, presentations and sermons. We use them in sermons, because we are a multi-national church and it helps non-native speakers follow when there are slides with the keywords on them. Every blog post the church does has a quick graphic for the featured image as do our Bible reading notes and sometime prayer requests. I’m not a designer – I’m a pastor and web-developer (meaning I can code!). I create my graphics using the excellent website It is incredibly simple to use!

First you choose to create a new design or edit an old one. Each design can have many pages, which can be downloaded singly as an image, normal PDF or print ready PDF. You can also click to have the designs printed. I normally use Instaprint in the UK, but the prices on Canva seem comparable. If you are creating a new design, you can choose the size that will be the right size whether it be a Facebook Cover, Instagram post, business card or A4 leaflet, without having to know the pixel sizes and so on!

Once you are creating a document you can pick a template and adjust it very simply – changing the images (they have loads of free ones) and text with any size or font. You can also upload your own images to use in documents.


Once you have finished, you can download it in one of a number of formats including animated gif – which we used to announce a special offering total recently!

Click on the logo below to give Canva to see their demo and give it a try…