Here’s a glossary of terms used in the Church Admin plugin.

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For the Church Admin plugin, Schedule is the American English word to describe how is doing what at a particular church service.

Within the plugin you can have as many church sites and services as you need and you can set up schedules for each service. That can included services that are regular such as a main Sunday morning service and ad-hoc services like weddings and funerals.

You can set up schedule jobs - the tasks that need to be done for a service including for instance Welcome team, Worship Leader, Preacher, Creche - in fact as many tasks as you'd like!

Then you can set up and manage schedules for those services ( tutorial page) and publish them in the Our Church App or on the front end of your website using a shortcode, block or Elementor widget.

Schedules are a Standard or Premium feature.

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SMS stands for Short Message Service and is a technology to send "text messages" to cell phones.

You can send SMS messages to people in your address list very simply, once you have set up with an SMS provider in the plugin.

You can sign up with Twilio, or TextMagic - with Twilio replies can be handled in the plugin. Setup details and links are in the tutorial section of this site

You can send to

  • Individuals by looking at their household - a form to send an SMS is in each person's section
  • Targeted groups using the filter in Church Admin > Communications > Send SMS

Sending SMS is a standard or premium feature of the plugin.

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