A WordPress theme is an add on for a WordPress powered website that gives the website its underlying design and feel. A good analogy is when you change your clothes you are changing how you look without changing you!

When you first install WordPress, it starts witha. dafult theme like “Twenty-Four”. There are thousands of free themes available by going to a WordPress website dashboard and clicking on “Appearance” and then “Themes”. Many themes are very customisable with lots of user options to change layout and colour schemes. Some themes are paid and have more features than the free ones.

Elementor is a company that offer extra drag and drop functionality for building websites. There free plugin adds that functionality and then you can use an Elementor theme for the layout and look.

Many website owners hire a designer to create a bespoke theme.

A child theme is where a theme has been extended with some extras. If you want to tweak some of a theme’s code, it is best to create a child theme which uses the original theme and adds on the extras. The reason for this is when a theme is updated any changes you had made to the code would be lost.


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