WordPress has two main types of content – Posts and Pages.

Posts are typically blog entries. They are listed usually in descending chronological order (the latest posts first). You might not want a blog – but if you are displaying latest news or updates, that’s a blog concept, so use Posts to do that.

If you click on “Posts” in the left hand menu, a list of post appears as above.

  • “Add a new Post” button at the top allows you to create a new post
  • If you hover over a post title, a sub menu appears
    • Edit – allows you to edit that post
    • Quick Edit – allows you to edit basic information such as Title, Slug, Date plus a few other options
    • Bin – deletes the post
    • View – opens the post as a user would see it in a fresh window
  • The checkboxes to left of each title allow you to do some bulk features for selected posts like Bin.

The posts screen is similar to the pages screen and any custom post types you have activated.

“Custom post types”  are content posts for specialised purposes – these glossary entries are a custom post type. The Church Admin plugin also has “Bible Readings”, “Prayer Requests” and “App Content” as custom post types.


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