The main plugin is completely FREE.

The premium version of Church Admin includes the app and event management with paid ticketing.

It’s a one off payment of USD$99 or GBP£75 (other currencies are available).

Event Ticket Fees

You can create an event, which automatically goes in the calendar. Then you can add multiple tickets, with on and off sale dates. That will allow you to do an early bird ticket and so on.

Here’s a pricing comparison of ticketing websites

PackageChurchSuiteEventbriteChurch Admin
Setup CostFrom £9pmFreeFree plugin and $99 one off for Premium paid ticketing
DescriptionChurchSuite is a web based church management system A well known player in the event ticketing marketplaceA comprehensive WordPress plugin and app to manage church life
Where hostedYou log into their site, but forms are embeddable on your websiteYou log in to their website but forms are embeddable on your websiteThe plugin is installed on your own WordPress powered website
Ticket feesTicketing cost is 1% plus card payment fees.Ticketing costs
US 2% + $0.79 per ticket and 2.5% per order
UK 3.5% + £0.49 per ticket
Just the PayPal fees – for non-profits
US 1.99% plus $0.49
UK 1.4% plus £0.30 per transaction

As you can see very quickly Church Admin is the most economic event ticketing solution for your church website. If your church website is a WordPress site, then why not purchase our premium version now and get started organising and communicating church life.

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