New block – wave container

Most websites just have straight lines to break up the different sections, which gets a bit old! So I have just created a new block with a wave top and bottom which provides a more interesting break to a page. The block is imaginatively called “wave top container” and it of course allows inner blocks which means you can put interesting content in it.

For this example, I’m showcasing the app that goes with the Church Admin plugin. You can find out all the details about that on the app page.

Accessing the new block is simple.

Click on the plus icon and beginning typing “wave”

Click on “Wave top Container” and there you have the new container. It starts off white, so you can’t see it.

So click on the background colour section over on the right to choose your colour…

Next, click on the alignment icon and make it full width.

Then you can add content inside the wave container. I normally go for some columns, to make full use of it.

There you go another new feature to the Church Admin Theme. Why not purchase it for $30 with instant download!