How to do a parallax image

A parallax image is a full width image block that scrolls at a different speed to the page, giving an eye-catching look to your site. With the WordPress blocks editor (and of course my Church Admin Theme) it is very easy to do.

Firstly you need to use a “cover block” – click on the plus in your document and “Browse all” and you will find it in the media section…

That will bring up this block – where you can upload an image

Once you have uploaded an image, you get the opportunity to add some text (which is optional) You’ll end up with something like this – not very wide and not yet parallax.

At this point, click elsewhere in the document and then click the block again. That will give you some block align options. The one we want is “Full width”.

Now it looks like this – full width but still no parallax effect! Nearly there…

The final step is to click the three dots to bring up the more settings menu for the cover block. Then click “Show Block Settings”

That gives us a menu on the right hand side. Click on “Fixed Background ”

Cool Bridge parallax image

And there you have it a cool, parallax cover block to enhance your page of post.

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