Church Admin Theme

I have created a new theme especially for Churches using the Church Admin plugin.

At the top of the front page you can choose between a header image, a gallery, the featured image or no hero images. Pages and posts can have the header image, featured image or no hero images.

The Church Admin Theme is responsive (so looks great on mobiles as well as desktops) and works well using Gutenberg blocks and the classic editor.

You can create full width areas with a coloured background like this one very easily.

And you can create parallax effect full width blocks. The Parallax scrolling effect is a web site trend where the background content (i.e. an image) is moved at a different speed than the foreground content while scrolling. It’s really visually appealing, but typically doesn’t work on smartphones.

I’m a parallax effect block!

Quotes come out like this. This makes content stand out.

All the Church Admin Plugin shortcodes and blocks come out great too.

PDF version


Fred Bloggs

11 Downing Street, London, SE1 1AA


Fred Bloggs

VCF Last Updated: 17th October 2020


I’ve also created a click to tweet block and shortcode. It’s another way of highlighting a quotable quote and hopefully your website users will tweet it out!

Responsive columns are an important part of any website. This example has three columns that tuck under each other on very small screens. It also shows off the Font Awesome icons that come with the Church Admin Theme for WordPress.

Font Awesome 5 icons like the globe above are included.

And you can create columns easily using the block editor or shortcodes.

Font Awesome has some great icons like praying hands to spice up your pages.

I’m adding theme tutorials for each of the features, which are listed below

The Church Admin Theme is available for purchase at US$30, using the PayPal button below – after purchase you will get a download link on screen and by email.

The first 25 purchasers will get a free pack of 26 header images to use with the theme too!