Using the app setup plugin

If you have purchased the premium version of the Church Admin plugin, which includes access to the Our Church app, you will have received an app ID in email and on the success page when you purchase it. There was also a download link to a small setup plugin to get it activated.

If you don’t have the premium plugin yet – buy it here!

Here’s how to install, activate and use it to get set up.

Click on the link you received to save the our-church-app-setup plugin zip file to your downloads folder.

In your site dashboard, click on Plugins and Add New

Click on Upload Plugin button

Then Choose File or drag and drop the setup plugin and then click Install Now.

Click on Activate Plugin button

Now the Our Church App Plugin is installed and activated, click on Our Church App in the dashboard on the left

Step 1 checks if you have a Church Admin pugin already installed.

If you do go to Step 3 of these instructions.

If you don’t have Church Admin already installed, click on the “Install Church Admin” button

When you see the “Activate plugin” button, click on it

Step 3 checks if your login is connected to a directory entry (which is essential) and creates an entry if you aren’t.

Step 4 Activate the app.

Fill out the form with your church name, church town, email you purchased with and the app Id you were given.

You will then be directed back to the Church Admin plugin app menu page to begin setting up your activated app.

App Menu and settings tutorials are coming soon

You can install the app on your device, by browsing on your device to