Getting started with the App

Once you have activated the premium version of the Church Admin Plugin, you have the app! You can install the app on a device by browsing on that device to

Firstly adjust the app settings

Head over to the Church Admin plugin menu page on a desktop browser. The app module should now look more like this.

The dropdown menu allows you to choose what to change on the app – first let’s head to App Settings.

SMS Replies – if you have Twilio configured for SMS messaging, you can add some people who can handle replies. They need to have a directory entry, a website user account connected to that directory and the app installed on a phone or tablet! When you have added someone and clicked save, they will get the SMS Replies menu item.

Disable app registrations – by default, people can add themselves to the directory mailing list if they click Account and then Register on the app. If you cant to disable that then check and save. Note app registrations only issue an account on confirming email if that is set within Church Admin>Settings>General. Otherwise an admin will haveto okay an account registration.

Address List Style – you can choose between showing the directory to logged in app users as alphabetical list of individuals or grouped into households. The individual options means admins will have edit functionality on viewing the address list.

App Menu Title – at the top of the app. Defaults to site url if not set.

App Menu CSS – you can add your own styling – be as creative as you wish.

Stop push notification – by default new posts result in a push notifications to users who have opted to receive them.

Click save when you have made your settings.

Secondly set who will be on the address list

The app address list will always respect people’s privacy settings. By default people are not shown – they have to opt to show themselves (or admins can set them to show)

On the app settings page – there is this block of options.

If all member types are unchecked, the address list will not be shown in the app menu!

Thirdly set up the menu

On first run, there is not much in the menu

Click “Reset app menu to default

Some items are alwyas available – Home and Account.

You can check/uncheck show to show an item in the menu.

Check/uncheck “Only logged in user sees item in app menu” to ake that item only available to loggged in users. If you leave an item like Address unchecked, a non-logged in user will be able to get to the address list page on the app, but will be required to login to view.

You can drag and drop menu item order.

Fourthly – edit or add app pages

In your WordPress dashboard there is an App Content menu item.

The layout is just like the Pages or Posts items every WordPress install has.

Adding a page uses the Classic Editor for simplicity.