We have built an app for smartphones to connect your WordPress Church Admin features to your church members. At the moment it is only for iOS devices, Android is coming very soon. The app is only available in English currently.

  1. A searchable address list (for logged in users)
    You can set which member types are available for viewing by your visitors.
  2. The rota/schedule
    Users can view what jobs they may be involved in this week and subsequents weeks.
  3. Media to listen to
    If you are uploading sermons to the site, these are displayed and can be listened to by users on their phones.
  4. Calendar
    Coming events are shown in list form and users can select future weeks to view too.
  5. Prayer Request
    Logged in users can view prayer requests you have posted in using the Prayer Request custom post type.
  6. Latest News
    Recent blog posts are displayed for reading.
  7. Giving page
    Churches can set up giving pages for members to give from their phones. We use and recommend the BT My Donate service for UK charities.
  8. Bible Reading Plan
    Subscribing Churches can upload a bible reading plan for users to enjoy, or use the default Murray M’Cheyne Plan that is preloaded. You can choose between the ESV and KJV for displaying to users.

All of these features are available to churches that subscribe to the service.

Why not have a play now on the demo on the left!

The Test Church account can be logged into using johndoe as the username and password

Then sign up below – the cost for early adopters on iOS only is £5 per month. Once Android is also up and running new subscriptions will be £7.50 per month. All subscribers will get access to both apps! You church members can download the app FREE!

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There are a few things that you need to do to get ready for your Church app.

  • Your site needs an SSL (https://) for better login security - if you need help, get in touch via the contact form
  • Your church members need to have their own accounts on your website for login.
  • Make sure your recent blog posts have a featured image
  • Start uploading sermons to the church admin plugin

When you are ready to start, please fill out this form to begin the process of getting your church app. On the next page you will have the opportunity to start the subscription of £5 per month

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