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You may have the best organised church on earth, but all that organisation goes for nothing if you don’t communicate well.
In 20 years of church leadership one of the biggest lessons I have learnt is that you cannot over-communicate.
The Church Admin plugin has tools for emailing and sending SMS – the new app puts the most powerful features of the plugin in your congregation’s hands and pockets with a free download.

The new Android and iOS app allows your church members to access the directory, schedule, prayer requests, bible reading plan, blog, calendar and sermons from their phone or tablet.
Your church members can install the app free on their devices. There’s a monthly or annual subscription plan for the church itself to subscribe to the service. We are currently offering a month trial free.

To use the app your website must have an ssl – https:// at the start of the URL – this is for your congregation’s data security and is a  requirement for iOS apps.

A free pdf manual on how to set up the app is available here

Why not install the app on your device to test…

WP Church for Android WP Church for iOS

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