Address List

Churches are made up of people, so the address list is the basis of the Church Admin plugin and everything flows from it. People can register themselves (test that out on our demo playground). Of course data privacy is very important, so by default everything is stored securely and a website user account is required for people to edit their own address list.

You can have an address list on the public area of your website, which by default is login only. The example below is been opened so you can check it out. The names are made up, and any phone numbers are not working, but the addresses do exist so the map works!

The address list is shown by selecting the Church Admin Address List block in the modern WordPress editor or by using this shortcode in any page or post

[church_admin type="addresslist"]

That’s the most basic form. By default a login is required for personal data protection. If you really want personal data exposed to the world, then you can add in loggedin=FALSE

[church_admin type="addresslist" loggedin=FALSE]

Other options are shown by clicking on the shortcodes button at the top of your Church Admin main menu page.

Alfonso, C
household-title ca-names"> Chris & Susan Alfonso
Street Address
S Park Ave, Springfield, IL 62704, USA


Declan Alfonso

VCF Last Updated: 21st June 2024