Stopping spam

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Recently I have had a rash of registrations that are obviously not real people – spam registrations. I am utterly sick of spam! So I decided to do something about it.

Akismet doesn’t stop spam registrations, only spam comments and it’s quite expensive. I’d swapped to AntiSpamBee for their free comment spam plugin which was brilliant, but again that wasn’t stopping registrations by spammers.

I spent some time researching and came across CleanTalk – which protects registration forms, contact forms, comment forms and seems to do so brilliantly!

There’s a 7 day free trial and then it is only $8 pa for the basic package. I have had no more Russians with lots of random letters and numbers registering on the site. It also allowed me to check current users against known spam IPs an email addresses – so another 49 users were culled.

The site dashboard shows you how well it is working. This is my first 24 hours…

You can also check exactly what has been blocked and denied and correct any false positives (none so far!)

I am very happy to recommend the service – the image below is an affiliate link




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