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Keeping maps updated when users change their address

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I love having the maps working!

I find the map and directions links particularly useful on the Our Church app when I want to visit someone.They also allow you to show your church location, small groups and address list maps on your website.

If you haven’t got mapping working yet, then there is a tutorial on setting it up here.

Recently I have noticed that when people have moved and updated their address on the app – the map pin hasn’t moved. Same if they did it on the website and didn’t click “Update the map”. So….

On the website  registration page, the map is updated if the user clicks Update or when they have finished filling out the address field.

On the app, a needs geocoding flag is set when someone registers or updates their address.

That will look like this on the Church Admin dashboard…

Clicking “Update mapping now” will sort it out!

If you don’t yet have the app, the maps and directions buttons are one of my favourite features. Add that to that your sermons, service schedules, calendar, push notifications, Bible readings, prayer requests, online giving and a church app licence for a one off $99 or £75 is well worth having. I’ll even help you get it set up if you need the support!
Click on the app screenshot below to buy now!