I have added targeted push notifications to the app

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You can now target push notifications using the normal filter – they will go to logged in app users who match the filter conditions. 
The Black Friday offer of a lifetime one-off payment of $99 for your church to subscribe has ended but I have forgotten to up the price if you start from Church Admin>App on your website! I’ll get round to it next update šŸ˜‰ The app is free for your congregation to install.

Bulk SMS

Some people turn off push notifications too, so when a message is really important and urgent, then the send SMS feature is the way to go! It’s just more expensive.
I have  added Twilio as an SMS provider – they have a referral offer of $10 credit when you add $10 credit starting from this link, which is also on the SMS settings page. Messages are pretty cheap, but you do have to buy a mobile number from them at $1 (Ā£0.74) per month. I’m working on handling replies – that’s coming soon. The other providers in the plugin still want, but someone requested Twilio and helped with some code!

Sermon Podcast page

I’ve fixed some dropdown menu issues some were having in the latest update 2.7016.



Andy Moyle is an experienced church planter based in the United Kingdom. He helps to serve and shape church planting in the mainland of Europe for the Relational Mission family of churches. The Church Admin plugin has been a labour of love for nearly 20 years serving the worldwide church and is used by churches of 50 and churches of thousands!