Card Giving

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I don’t carry cash very often and I can not remember the last time I used a cheque for a payment. I pay for most things by card now as do most people I know. Cash donations to our church have been decreasing reflecting that change, while online giving has increased.

Last Sunday we started taking card donations by using the simple to use SumUp 3G reader next to one our offering bucket. We have stopped passing round offering buckets and now have them at the communion stations for people to give. We are a small church of around 100 and the first Sunday the card reader more than paid for itself with new giving.

I will post again to let you know how cash giving is turning into card giving, but for now I would highly recommend SumUp – it is the only contactless card reader that isn’t tethered to an app on a phone/tablet and allows users to give whatever they want. If you go for it make sure you buy the £99 (+VAT) 3G reader not the cheaper tethered reader which requires an operator, an app and a mobile device!

Using the button below you will get a £14 discount (as of 6th Dec 2018) on a reader (and my church will get £10 commission!)

Check out SumUp



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