Version 0.910

By andymoyle, Saturday, March 5th, 2016 at 8:14 pm

Sorry there have been so many releases this week – I’ve got some new users who have been getting in touch with bugs, so have been fixing them.

This version

  • Fixes the

    Recent address list activity

    Member activity for last 1 month(s)

    Last UpdatedNameAddressMobilePhoneEmail
    Last UpdatedNameAddressMobilePhoneEmail
    13th April 2019Andy
  • Sorts out spacing between prefixes (like “van” or “van der”) and last names
  • Internationalisation – Dutch is now done
  • Small groups – when you edit a group you can now edit the people in it too at the same time!

If you spot any bugs, please point them out on the Support page and do get in touch if you can help with translating the plugin.

I’m going to be writing an iOS app for churches using the plugin, so if you would like to donate towards getting a Mac then please use my donation link!