Organising and administrating church life is complicated. Often its harder in smaller churches, where people are doing multiple things. Bigger churches may also have multi-sites to keep a track of.

The WordPress church admin plugin is a powerful church management software tool designed to help you administrate church life and communicate better with your congregations.

The main features are address book, childrens ministry, ministries, classes, small groups, rotas/schedule, calendars, communication tools like email and SMS, and attendance tracking.

There’s now a smartphone app you can subscribe to, for you members to keep up to date with Church life.

Please download the latest version from the WordPress repository


Administrating your church all starts with knowing who is with you! The directory section allows you to store people in their households and know what group they are part of, classes they attend, site or service they are part of and ministries they are involved with. That kind of information means you can email/sms using filters, like all the men, all the small group leaders or any other group.

Kids Work

Children’s work is really important in church life – it’s a sign that church is alive and growing!
The WordPress Church Admin plugin allows you to create multiple age range groups for your children’s ministry.
If you have set dates of births in the directory section, children are automatically sorted into the right group (unless individually overridden).

You can keep track of staff and volunteer safeguarding checks (currently UK and Australia – let me know what your national child protection tracking needs are!)


You can’t overcommunicate in church life, so the church admin plugin has a powerful email and bulk sms tool.
You can filter recipients by name, or by many different mixable groupings – gender, member type, small group, ministries and so on.
You can also sync with mailchimp, for more reliable email delivery – mailchimp work hard to have your mail not marked as spam.

Small Groups

Small groups

Small groups are vital to help your congregation be connected and do mission together. The church admin plugin helps you keep a track of groups, their leadership and oversight and who is in each one. You can set infinite levels of oversight as the number of groups grows.