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Church life is complicated – you want to organise and manage busy volunteer and keep them up to date with what is going on.
If you are a small church, some people are doing more than one thing, so keep track of what they are doing when is doubly hard. Larger churches have the complexity of many more ministries, perhaps a multi-service or multi site approach.

The Church Admin plugin is a powerful secure, free church management software tool to help you organise, administrate and communicate church tool. It is used effective by small churches and multi-site churches. It features powerful planning tools for scheduling volunteers and staff, communicating with them by email and/or sms. It’s all based around the address list which contains the details of everyone in every household.

Address List

The core is the address list where you can manage singles, families and households contact details. Every other area of church life can then be organised and managed. People can be organised into multiple ministries, teams, smallgroups, classes and then you can build your rota/schedule around them simply. The plugin allows you to automatically communicate who is doing what each week to the right people. Children’s Attendance can be tracked and you can communicate with sub groups or everyone by bulk sms and email using powerful filtering. The email facility syncs with the popular Mailchimp service.


There is a calendar section which stores and displays all the church is doing. You can set up recurring events in daily, weekly, fortnightly, nth day (for example 3rd Friday) and monthly.

Sermon mp3s

A powerful media section organises your preaching ministry recordings. Mp3s can be uploaded or external files used. Videos are embedded and everything can be sorted into sermon series.


Everything can be handled in the backend with a simple user interface and displayed on your website using shortcodes. You can even allow people to register and update their address entry from the website.

To help you get started there are dozens of tutorials and we are working on video tutorials too.

What others are saying about the Church Admin Plugin

This plugin is GREAT! We are a multi-site church of about 1,500 people and we are using the plugin for most everything except check-in. It filters by site, group, gender, ministry…etc… Furthermore….the support is TOP-NOTCH….I can’t say enough about it. I have been really blessed getting to know the person behind the plugin. Keep up the great work! Charles Searles
I was in the process of moving our site from Concrete5 to WordPress because of an issue I was having with a form addon. While I was investigating all the plugins that I would need to assemble (worse than the Avengers), I came across Church Admin. Calendar, yup. Sermon podcasts, sure. Member management and online directories, you bet. Mailing lists and Ministries and Donations? Whoo-boy. It has it all. And when I say responsive to questions, the author Andy Moyle would be knocking them down as fast as I was slinging them. Tekno-Kiz

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Improve your communications even more

You might be the most organised church there is, but if you haven’t communicated with key people what they are doing, then that organisation could fall flat.
So once you are up and running, we have a powerful app for Android and iOS devices that helps you communicate and organise your church members. It allows your members to access all the key functions of the plugin – the address list, small groups, the rota/ schedule, calendar, sermons and prayer requests. More than that they can receive push notifications when a prayer request is posted or a new blog published. It is FREE for them and just £7.50 per month for the church. More information

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