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Smartphone and Tablet App

The Church Admin plugin helps you organise and communicate church life. What better way to do that than have the Our Church app?

Fully customisable from your website, the “Our Church” app integrates the core Church Admin plugin features that you are already familiar with:

Address Book



Service Prebooking

Push notifications

Sermon Podcast

News articles

Prayer Requests

Bible notes

And much more.

You can also add custom pages and your own CSS to change the look as much as you like.

The app is free for your congregation to install on their iOS or Android devices

You will need to make sure your church website has an SSL certificate – your site will have a padlock in the address bar like in this image.

Checkout these reviews on the play store for Android…https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.churchadminplugin.wpchurch&showAllReviews=true

If you are a US, UK or EU customer and prefer to setup a bank transfer, please do get in touch for my US/UK/EU bank details.

When you buy the app, you will receive a simple to use setup plugin which makes the app live and unlocks PayPal giving forms. We’ll give any support you need to get the app up and running for your church members.

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